Dead Head

In the store, the food store, just cruising through and suddenly got this weird feeling…like someone was watching me, judging the way I handle products then put them back, so I turned, and – YELLO THERE!!!  Pig heads.  Yes.  Whole PIG HEADS, with snout, ears, eyes.  In the frozen meat case, in amongst the tiny game hens and 3-lb. boneless hams.  Yikes!  Welcome to Texas.

I confess I felt a giant EWWW, which is somewhat hypocritical, for I do not scruple to cook me up a pig loin.  But the loins are so much less…expressive. They’re like the Keanu Reeves of meat parts.  And that’s the way it has to be, I do not want my meat trying to emote, or express, or nail the scene.  The scene in which they look at me from their frozen plastic baggie with such horror.  Actually, not horror as much as…surprise and disappointment.  “Why did you do it?  Why?  Did I not snuffle enough truffles?”


3 Responses

  1. In the Mexican groceries in Chicago, around Christmastime, there is a specialty called ‘cabeza de res.’

    Yeah, it’s whole COW HEAD. In the meat case. Apparently it’s a seasonal celebratory item for some special dish. Yum!

    Hell yeah, I have pictures of them.

  2. “the keanu reeves of meat parts” – wow, i want to steal that.

  3. COW HEAD. With eyes??? Ack.

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